Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Fishing With My Parents And Sister

With calm seas all week it was a perfect time to fish for a few hours with my family. My sister Elyse, her husband Trey, and their children Nathan and Lea, along with my mom and dad jumped on the L&H. When we got offshore we were greeted with a stiff wind and choppy seas. I knew that our time would be short and we had to make the most of it. We ran down south to a ship wreck and in no time we were pulling up big amberjacks. Deb ran the boat while James, Trey, Nate, and my dad and I did the fishing. In short order we had our limit of these big fish and my dad even managed to hook one on a jig. It was great fun, but the boat was rocking a lot and we had to get moving. We ran for a little while to see if we could find a permit. After a few minutes my dad hooked a nice fish that took us offshore. The permit is a truly spectacular fish to catch and a fish that every one loves to get, especially my dad. He did a great job on the big fish and after a great fight we put his thirty-one pound permit in the boat. Now it was time to get one for Trey. From my perch in the tower I spotted another big permit. James threw the bait out there and the fish grabbed it. The bait came out of the fishes mouth and the permit was now determined to finish the meal. It charged after the bait on the surface making for an exciting strike. Trey hooked the fish and the fight was on. During the battle I went inside to get something and saw four year old Lea watching her dad through the salon window. "My dad has a big fish" she told me. "He sure does" I replied. Trey got his big fish much to the delight of every one onboard and we headed strait for the marina. I had a great time fishing with my family! Thank you so much for a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian And Quinn Three Day Trip

Christian and Quinn fish three days with us every year and this time they invited famous swordfish captain and author Linda Greenlaw and her brother Chuck. The first day our plan was to get some action so we hit a shipwreck right off the bat. Every one caught an amberjack and the gang was happy pulling in these strong fighters. From there I ran way to the south to an area where the permit sometimes gather. As we got closer I could see alot of boats looking for the permit, but not finding them. I wondered if we had made the long trip in vein. I quickly found a few fish away from the other boats and in no time Christian was hooked up to a big one. After a tough battle Christian had his fish in the boat and then it was Quinns turn. Again I found the fish away from the other boats and Quinn boated another permit nearly the same size as the first one. From there it was time to get Linda a sailfish. We put the kites up and soon thereafter Linda was fighting her first sailfish. We released the sail, caught a few bonitas and kings and decided to call it a day.

The next day we went offshore looking for a sword. The first drop we had a good bite, but the fish pulled off. After a couple drops with nothing we were running out of daylight. On the final drop the rod bent over and we were hooked up. Captain Linda has caught thousands of swords, but this would be her first one daytime fishing and she was very excited. When the sword came to the surface it was lit up and racing all over. It wasn't very big, but a keeper none the less and we put it in the boat! After boating the sword, the sun had set and as I ran to the south, Mike spotted a big fish making a wake on the surface. I followed the wake and when we got close I could make out the fish and it was a big dolphin! James threw a bait out and the big bull swam over and engulfed it! Christian took the rod and the L&H backed down in hot pursuit of dolphin as it raced away on the surface. It was only a matter of minutes and we gaffed the biggest dolphin the L&H has caught in a couple years. Back at the marina the dolphin would weigh in at forty-eight pounds.

On the final day of our trip we left late and came in early. It was a fun day, but very slow paced where every one was just taking it easy. Linda got a nice permit and we got some blackfin tunas trolling with lures. It was a great three days of fishing and I would like to thank Chritian and Quinn for making it all possible!

Danny Has A Great Day

Danny Huebsch fishes with us whenever his travels put him in our area. He has been fishing on the L&H for a long time and I have had several great trips mating for Danny when John Dudas was running the boat. It was important for me to have a good crew for Danny so I took my friend Mike Welter along. We met at the boat early and got a good start on bait before a lot of the other boats even left the dock. When we hit the edge Mike ran the boat and I worked the cockpit. With no wind we had to use helium to keep the kites aloft. We got a sail right off the bat and for the next couple hours Danny stayed busy reeling in fish. At one point we had a bait just feet behind the boat and a sail came up chasing the sardine all over the surface. When Danny hooked the fish it took off jumping like crazy! It was so exciting to see that fish tearing up the calm ocean. After some nice dolphin, another sail, and a few kings it was time to find Danny his first permit. Danny has caught a lot of fish on the L&H, but the permit is one of the few fish that has eluded him. The conditions were great for sight fishing and in about thirty minutes I saw the fish we were looking for. Mike made a great cast and the huge permit engulfed the bait and was off to the races. The fish took a lot of line and refused to come up. After a great job of angling I could see what was taking so long. It was one of the biggest permit I have ever seen. We finally were able to get the fish in the boat and back at the dock, Danny's fish would weigh just over forty pounds! On the way in Danny got another permit over thirty pounds, just to put an exclamation point on what was a great day of fishing on the L&H.

Busy Afternoon For Frank

Our friend Frank Koenig invited his friend from Germany to fish with him one afternoon. Frank wanted to show his friend a good time and catch some big fish. After we got some bait I began heading to the south when I spotted a free jumping sailfish. I moved in front of the fish and in short order we hooked five of them. One of the fish jumped off but we managed to release the other four. A little while later we stopped at a shipwreck and the amberjacks and blackfins were there. As soon as we got down to the bottom the big amberjacks would bite and Frank and his buddy stayed busy lifting these big fish from the depths. While this was going on blackfin tunas were in our chum on the surface. We got a couple tunas and lost some to the sharks. With fish biting on the top and bottom at the same time it was difficult for the mate to keep up. He kept saying "There is too much going on", but Frank was enjoying it. When we got our limit of jacks we pushed in shore and got a few bonitas and another sail. It was a good afternoon of fishing and best of all Frank was able to show his friend a great time on the L&H!