Monday, June 13, 2011

Trevor And Martin Do It Again

Trevor and Martin fished with us for two days last year and they caught a bunch of nice fish. They had high expectations for this years trip and I knew we had to produce. We got bait easily and ran to the south. There was a nice color change where we set up and things looked good. As soon as we put out the baits the guys started hooking fish. The action was great with nice size kingfish, bonitos and big barracudas. The kings were biting on the kite and in no time we had our limit. From there the L&H moved to deeper water and we dropped two big live baits near a shipwreck. Almost immediately both rods bent over. Trevor and Martin muscled the big fish to the surface and Mike was able to add two big amberjacks to all of the fish we already had in the fishbox. We stayed at the wreck until we had our limit of the big amberjacks. After that our plan was to do some trolling with artificial lures and we were rewarded with a mahi and two tunas. As the afternoon progressed we searched for the permit. As luck would have it we managed to catch a nice permit for Trevor and a nice permit for Martin! These two guys seem to come when the fish are biting and they know how to catch em! Thanks again for another great day and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Another Great Day For Annie

Annie and Greg Holcombe have been fishing with us for a long time and besides being great people to fish with they are very lucky. Today Greg could not make it so he sent his daughter Annie to try her luck. We looked for the permit for a while and finally found a very big one. This fish amazed us with its size and strength, but nevertheless was no match for the terrific angling abilities that young Annie Holcombe possesses! She battled the fish for a very long time and applied maximum pressure to the fish when necessary. As the permit got closer I could see its enormous size and hoped the fish would stay on. When we finally got the fish within range Travis was able to fully extend with the gaff and place a great shot. The permit would weigh in at over forty pounds and was one of the biggest I have ever seen. After everything settled down the L&H began searching again and soon I found another large permit. Although not as big as the first fish, it was a very big one. Again we battled the fish for a long time and again our team successfully boated a permit close to forty pounds. From there we moved to a shipwreck and found amberjacks that were biting. We caught our limit of these, including a sixty pounder that Annies friend (and my daughter) Laurel caught all by herself. The girls were doing a great job catching fish today and I was loving every minute of it! In the afternoon we did some trolling and caught a couple dolphin and two nice tuna. Today the girls proved that they could fish as good as the boys and with the size of some of the fish they put on the dock, maybe even better!

Bazen Family Two Day Trip

I always enjoy seeing the Bazen family because they enjoy the water and are a pleasure to have on the boat. After getting a late start on the first day we caught the bait and started heading to the south. I wanted to try and get them a permit as this is one fish the Bazens have not caught yet. After a while we found a nice fish and Mike took the first shot. The permit made several spectacular runs and was a great fighter. After a tough battle Mike had his fish and our trip was off to a great start. We found another big permit and the team was able to boat this fish as well. From there we put the kites up and found a nice king and a few sailfish. It was neat to watch as Richard, Sidney, and James kept all the baits in position while waiting for a bite. When the fish came, the boys were doing everything from dropping back, hooking and fighting the fish all the way to the release without any assistance.

The second day was again great fishing with our friends. Sandra and Kent got into the action as well. Again we were able to catch some of the elusive, hard fighting permit! We also released three more sailfish, and got some nice kings, bonitos and a big amberjack. Again the boys showed how much they have learned and progressed with their abilities to do just about anything on the boat. It was a fantastic two days of fishing with our friends who make the days we spend together on the water so enjoyable for me!