Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tom Crushes Em...Again

Tom Kuljus is one of the luckiest fishermen I know.  It seems that no matter what has been going on he always ends up having a  big day and today was no exception.  The surface bite had been slow as of late so we decided to go right to the bottom.  We loaded up on bait and made our way to the south.  The very first bait we sent down at the very first spot got eaten right away and that would be a sign of things to come.  Right off the bat Tom nailed a sixty pound amberjack followed by another and another.  Soon we had our limit of these fish and it was time to move on and try for something else.  With a bunch of fish in our icy hold I decided to try a very small spot that very few people ever hit.  Seconds after our lucky fisherman sent his bait to the bottom he was on!  This fish was fighting different than the jacks we already caught and we all looked down into the depths to see what Tom had on.  When we were able to see what he had, everyone went into celebration mode!  It was a giant red snapper of over twenty-five pounds, one of the biggest to ever come over the rail of the L&H!  After adding a few almacos to the box, Tom asked if I knew where to catch a golden tile fish, a species he had never caught before.  I told him that I had some spots and we decided to give it a try.  These fish are taken in very deep water and we use a special rig to catch them.  As soon as our rig got down there we started getting bites.  After a little bit, Tom took the rig up and not only did he get his first golden tile he got his first three!  We quickly made a couple more drops and had our limit of tilefish!   While I sat on the fly-bridge contemplating our next move, I got a text message from my friend captain Paul Ross in the FL Keys.  It simply said "Cobias" and along with it was a photo of a nice school he had found.  That made the decision for me!  We would spend the rest of our already successful day looking for cobia!  I headed the L&H toward the cobia area and Jim, Trav and I climbed the tuna tower and began to search.  After only a few minutes all three of us saw one of the most beautiful sights, a bunch of big cobias laying all over the surface!  We could not believe our eyes!  It was one of those days where everything we tried, worked perfectly!  The boys raced down the tower and sprung into action.  Within seconds rods were bending, reels were screaming, and fish were flying (into the nearly full fish box of the L&H)!!!!  As it had been all day long, everything went smooth with the cobia school and in short order we had our limit and released several others until Tom and his crew were to tired to catch another fish!  I simply took the L&H out of gear, let the school swim away and went down to congratulate our team!  It was another great day for Tom and the boys on the L&H!