Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hockey Player Scores Big Catch On L&H

Today Trevor Kidd (former Florida Panther) and a few of his friends joined us on the L&H for a full day of fishing.  The weather was great and I wanted to have a good catch for these guys.  We got bait and headed straight for the gulf stream.  As soon as we hit the blue water we found some tuna.  After a while we were still fishing the tuna when I saw some nice sized mahi swimming.  Everyone on the boat sprung into action and before long there were six guys all hooked up.  Sometimes the boys would throw a bait at a mahi and a tuna would race up and grab it.  It was very exciting fishing!  After a while the tuna went away and our gang kept searching for the mahi.  After lunch I found an area with a bunch of seaweed.  From there the guys caught about twenty more mahi and everyone was happy with our success.  The guys decided to head back in a little early so we began making our way in.  On the L&H you are never done fishing until the boat is tied up and we proved it again this time.  As I steered the L&H toward home, I spotted a floating tree branch.  We quickly caught a few tripletails and a couple more mahi.  When we switched over to start wahoo fishing is when the action really began.  The wahoo were there and they were biting!  Doubles and triples were now coming over the rail with mixed sized wahoo.  Our gang stayed with the fish until they stopped biting and it turned out to be the perfect ending to another great day on the L&H!