Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Fishing Fun

David and Sue McConnell of Montreal Canada took their son Mike out with us for an afternoon of family fishing fun. They wanted something big for Mike so our plan was to drop live baits around shipwrecks to see if we could deliver a big bottomfish. As I steered the L&H toward our first wreck, I spotted a sailfish on the surface. We lined up on the fish and Wes got a bait to the sail. The hungry sailfish devoured the bait, raced for the horizon, and the L&H backed down in hot pursuit. Only a few minutes into the trip and Mike had something bigger than he had ever hoped for. After a tough battle Mike had the trophy alongside the boat. Wes took measurements, removed the hook and we released the sailfish to fight another day. After that the McConnels enjoyed nonstop action with Amberjacks up to 72 pounds until we had our limit and decided to head in early. It was an awsome afternoon with smiling faces and everyone going home happy!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lucky Max

Max Puyanic has been fishing with me on the L&H for over fifteen years and is always very lucky. Today was no exception. On the way to the bait patch I spotted one of the most beautiful sights any captain could hope to see, a huge school of cobias over the white sand! Wes did a great job shifting gears from getting ready to catch bait to crushing cobias. Max was in Austrailia for a few months and on his first day back on the L&H he never missed a beat. In a matter of seconds Max, his guest for the day Jim, and Wes were all fishting fish 40 to 50 pounds. Our team had to work quick because the school was moving offshore and it would be impossible to stay with them once they got over the edge. In a span of twenty minutes our cobia killers landed 15 fish keeping our limit and releasing the rest to fight another day. It was an awsome sight to behold from my perch in the tower, and all I could do was smile and shout praise to the team as everything went smooth as I could ever hope. After the L&H finished with the cobia school we moved offshore and caught a couple nice tuna, a few bonitas and two big cudas. We came in early on a half day with everyone sporting big smiles as we pulled into the dock with a boxful of fish!