Monday, March 5, 2012

First Cobia School Of The Season

For the sixth consecutive year the L&H has been the first boat in the marina to come back with a limit of cobia! This year we had young Chris Marlin David on his first ever cobia fishing trip and that would bring us the luck we needed. With my family on board we decided to catch bait for tomorrows trip and then look around for a little while. After catching the bait, we began to search for the cobias. About forty minutes into the hunt, James and I spotted them. It was a good school with some nice fish in it. Everyone went to work and before long, there were bent rods all over. Soon after, cobias began coming over the side and headed to the fishbox. About a half hour later, we had our limit and released a bunch more. Soon after heading the L&H for home I found another cobia school a short distance away. There were a lot of fish, but small ones mostly so we released a few and left the others to continue doing whatever it is that cobia do.

Another World Record For Laurel

My daughter Laurel David (9) caught her third IGFA world record for girls under ten. We caught two big african pompano the day before so I knew the fish were there. The next day we loaded up the family in the dark and headed out with Jim and Trav. After getting a bunch of bait we were the first ones to the spot. At first we got a couple small jacks then Laurel got a big bite on a flatline. The fish took a bunch of line and from the way it was fighting, I was sure she had the fish we were after. For twenty minutes Laurel slowly gained line back until we could see her big pompano circling below. A couple minutes later we gaffed the fish and pulled it aboard!!! A beautiful african pompano that would later weigh in at thirty-four pounds! Another record!! We fished the rest of the day and ended up with another pompano, some amberjacks, and groupers! It was a great day for Laurel and everyone on the L&H!!!!!!!!