Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Honeymoon Luck

Kara and Kevin Gladstone from Rockchester NY were in Miami on their honeymoon. One night at a bar, they were asking some of the locals what boat they should try sportfishing with. Somebody told them, that the best boat to fish on in Miami is the L&H! They booked us the next day and we headed out early the following morning. We ran strait out to the edge and the fish were there waiting for us. Shortly after putting the baits out we began hooking kingfish and bonitas. The action was steady as both anglers took turns reeling in fish. We hooked a few doubles to make things interesting and everyone was having fun. A few hours into the trip Kevin hooked something bigger and stronger than what we had been fighting. To everyones suprise it was a big sailfish! Kevin was now hooked up to the biggest fish of his life and the sail was doing its best to get away. After a while the fish began to tire and we soon had Kevin's trophy at boatside. The rare summertime sailfish was all lit up as we took some photos and released the fish. All of us were so happy. It seems that whenever we are lucky enough to take honeymooners fishing on the L&H we always have good luck and Kara and Kevin were no different. We ended up catching a few more kings until we had our limit and enjoyed a nice ride back to the dock.

Jose Gets the Meat

Jose Juara, Jose Jr., Jose Arcia, Eduardo Rodriguez, Eduardo Jr., and Marc Milian joined us for a full day on the L&H on what would be a great fishing (and catching) trip. Jose Juara Sr. has been buying fish from us for over twenty years and has become a good friend in the process. When he was planning the trip, Jose decided to wait until I returned from Hawaii so I would be able to run the boat. I took his gesture as a compliment, but the pressure was on to produce for these guys! Jose and I talked about the trip several times. I knew it was important to him since he had friends and relatives flying in from Spain and Zimbabwe with high expectations. The weather was beautiful and we caught bait easily and ran out to the edge. James put the first bait out, locked the reel up and we hooked up immediately! "This is good", I said to myself as we could hardly keep up with the nonstop action! Jose loves to eat kingfish and we were catching alot of them along with the bonitas. For over two hours we were getting bites as fast as we got the baits in the water and everyone was helping out and having a great time! When we got our limit of kings we ran offshore to look for dolphin and wahoo. About ten miles out James and I spotted a big coil of rope that was holding alot of bait. A few dolphin showed up, but wouldn't bite. Finally we caught a nice one and just before the gaff went in I saw some wahoo deep below the surface. We quickly shifted gears and began wahoo fishing. The bite was fast and furious. Before leaving the rope we put almost ten wahoos in the fishbox. Further offshore I found another floater with a big triple-tail and a few more nice dolphin. We caught the dolphin with no problem and began heading for home. Just before crossing the edge I saw a big board with a few more dolphin on it. As we were catching the dolphin, a school of at least ten wahoo swam up to us. Just like earlier that day, we changed tactics and added another half dozen wahoo to the fish box. It was a great trip with my friend Jose, and as we pulled into the marina everyone was all smiles!